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Our Mission at Valdez Wrestling is to build Champions on and off the mat. We believe that being a champion is a part of every aspect of our lives, not just wrestling.

We strive to be champions in the choices that we make, the effort that we give, the attitude that we bring, and the character that we represent. Being a Champion is not something that can be won in a wrestling match. Being a Champion is something that is lived every day of our lives.

Winter Season
November 28th
February 22nd


Tues/Wed/Thurs 6pm-7:30pm

Full Payment $420
Split Payment $225/$225
Gear Pack (Required) $110

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Learn to Wrestle
Learn to Train
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We believe that learning and developing proper technique and skills is of utmost importance in wrestling or any sport. It is imperative that our wrestlers understand and master fundamental techniques and positioning if they are to be competitive at all levels of the sport. At Valdez Wrestling, our technical training is second to none.

We believe that learning how to train is a vital part of wrestling. Our system takes into account when and how to motivate and push our wrestlers to their peak performance. Our coaching staff has the experience of training at the highest levels of the sport and our understanding of proper timing and balanced training separates us from most other wrestling programs.

At Valdez Wrestling we believe that the pinnacle of our sport is achieved when a wrestler is able to utilize all aspects of our technique and training to perform to their highest capabilities. Competing at one’s peak requires the mastering of the mental aspects of the sport in order to deal with pressure, fear, intimidation, and other mental constraints that can affect performance during actual competition.